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Connect your phone system over Birch's secure, private
IP Network. 

BirchLink VoIP Business Services

One connection serves your voice and data needs, simplifying your office and saving you money. BirchLink® integrated VoIP service is a complete package of communication services for your business, combining local calling, long distance, internet access and up to 22 voice and data features at an affordable flat monthly rate.

BirchLink® integrated service provides dynamic bandwidth allocation – when your voice and data needs fluctuate throughout the day, your data bandwidth adjusts to capitalize on the available capacity. When you are making fewer calls, you get more data capacity.


Already have an Internet connection? No problem.

Choose BirchLink® business services with no data and receive local and long distance calling with all the features you need for a low monthly rate. You just won’t have dynamic bandwidth allocation without a Birch Internet connection.

Match Your Phone Service & Business Needs

BirchLink VoIP Business Service Features Your Phone System
Key System
Key System Definition
Tradional PBX
Traditional PBX Definition
IP PBX Definition
no Data
Voice & Data Over a Single Connection Voice Only 
Voice Connection Voice Channel PRI SIP SIP Connect
Dynamic Bandwidth Dynamic Bandwidth Definition --
Voice Lines You Need $10/Line $10/Line $10/Line $19.99/Line
Unlimited Local Calling  ✓
Included Long Distance Minutes ✓   ✓  ✓  Unlimited
Data Connection: 1.5 Mbps to 1 Gbps over Fiber, Ethernet or T1  Customer Provided

Combine Voice & Data for Added Benefits

We have a range of data options from T1 and DSL to fiber and Ethernet over Copper.

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Combine Voice & Data

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