Security & Compliance

Some companies that are ready to host their business-critical data and applications in the Cloud are concerned about security. That’s because they don’t know that hosting data and applications in one of Birch’s data centers is more secure than the bank that houses their payroll.

Birch has been awarded the highest standards of Availability and Security.

Birch has earned the SysTrust Seal of assurance, symbolizing the highest standards of Availability and Security compliance as determined by the Trust Services Principles and Criteria. Consequently, Birch has passed the stringent SOC2 audit and received a SOC3 seal, which certifies that they have met the full satisfaction of all required control components and continued compliance. We also offer a Service Level Agreement that guarantees 100% uptime for all critical physical systems and elements of your cloud solution.


All of our data centers are built with reinforced construction materials with retractable bollards that prevent any vehicle from entering or leaving without permission. All glass is bulletproof and every loading bay is protected with individual, locked delivery cages. Facility access is controlled at every point of entry through biometric controls and each section is limited to credentialed staff.

Data and applications are stored on servers in locked cabinets, checked hourly to ensure their physical security and monitored for performance by certified engineers. All servers are backed up with redundant failover so that if any one were to malfunction, data and applications are still secure and accessible on another.

If there’s a complete power outage, our data centers have their own power sub-station. At full capacity, each data center has enough power to light about 12,000 homes. Plus, we have diesel backup generators for the unlikely event of the sub-station losing power.