Feature Rich But Priced Affordably

TotalCloud File Storage comes loaded with all the features you need in two versions: Business Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Business Edition

Standard Features

For a low monthly cost, the Business Edition of TotalCloud File Storage will meet all of the secure storage needs of most businesses.

❯ Audit Log

Automatically track and filter all organizational activity within your environment: the type of activity, the user involved, the date and time and the IP address where its performed.

❯ Bandwidth Governing

You can govern the number of files being transferred at the same time to control the speed and availability of your bandwidth.

❯ File Collaboration

Set up permissions to control which users can read and write or edit and delete files.

❯ File Link Password

Create a password for any email file link you send to restrict access to the file.

❯ File Link Expiration

Set up an email file link to expire in a set number of days after the link is generated. After expiration, the link will no longer work or access the file.

❯ File Sharing

Send a simple URL link via email rather than a large attachment. The recipient will only have access to the file you send them and not to the rest of your environment.

❯ File Syncing

Set up files to sync on any schedule to prevent saving files in multiple places when updating. Manage which platforms sync together. Set up your computer to only sync to your environment, the environment to only sync to your computer, or sync to each other.

❯ File Versioning

A new version of a file is created each time it’s saved and each new version is different from the last. A versioning history is kept in case multiple versions are present and all versions are accessible.

❯ Folder Permissions

Folders can be setup to be fully accessible by all users, or completely private per individual. Administrators can vary the permissions per folder at the individual user level.

❯ Granular Device Access

If you ever lose your mobile device, you can delete the access capabilities for that device to your TotalCloud File Storage environment.

❯ Mapped Drive

Create a mapped drive to assign a lettered drive from your personal computer to your environment. This lets you move files directly to the Cloud without needing to use the Web User Interface.

❯ Meta Data Tagging

Assign ‘tags’ to any file to facilitate file searching. This is a great feature for organizing files into user specific categories.

❯ Search Capabilities

Easily search for files using the start of the file name, the end of file name, keywords in the file name or the extension of the file (i.e. - .doc, .txt, .xlsx, etc.).

❯ User Permissions

Set up individual users with different permission rights, such as No Access; the ability to read and download only a specific file; or full read, write, download and upload rights to any folder.

❯ Web User Interface

Access confidential and important files from any location or device that has internet access.

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Features

Our Enterprise Edition has all of those features plus the added benefit of syncing with your Active Directory and branding with your company’s logo and colors.

❯ Custom Branding

The TotalCloud File Storage environment can be custom branded for partners. This includes branding of the Web User Interface and desktop, as well as a personalized URL of your domain name.

❯ Active Directory Integration

Integrate TotalCloud File Storage with your Active Directory to manage the authentication and access into mission-critical business applications and services.

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