BirchLink Metro-Fiber

Optimize Your Business's Network Performance

Experience equal upload and download speeds with our symmetric Metro-Fiber access.

What is BirchLink Metro-Fiber?

BirchLink provides up to 1Gbps of dedicated, high-speed Internet using Ethernet-Over-Copper and Fiber technologies. Supported by the powerful, secure Birch network, BirchLink offers a symmetric (synchronous) Internet connection enabling businesses to support business-critical applications in real-time, transfer massive amounts of data in and out and maintain universal connectivity. Birch currently has 400,000 Metro-Fiber buildings and 31,000 fiber route miles and we’re still expanding.

BirchLink Benefits


High-Speed Connectivity

BirchLink provides high-speed Internet access up to 1Gbps to keep your business running at peak performance


Exceptional Quality of Service (QoS)

Birch's industry-leading Service Level Agreement ensures premium communication quality, protecting the reputation of your business.


Consolidated Savings

Reduce cost and simplify billing by integrating your voice, data and cloud services across the same dedicated Internet connection.


Dynamic Data Allocation

BirchLink improves operational efficiency by allocating bandwidth for data traffic whenever your voice channels are idle.

The Birch Digital Network

Birch is a leading technology service provider with an enterprise-grade, digital network offering customers a full range of reliable and secure Internet connections from a basic T-1 to high-speed access. Plus, with symmetric BirchLink Internet access, you get equal upload and download speeds.

BirchLink Metro-Fiber Speeds

Experience speeds up to 1 GBPS!

*Not all Internet speeds are available in all areas. Speed availability is dependent upon location.

Included Features

From speeds up to 1 GBPS to professional installation, BirchLink Internet is the best choice for your business.

Additional emails and IP's available for purchase.

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