BirchNet Broadband

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What is BirchNet Broadband?

Birchnet Broadband provides an always-on, high-speed Internet solution perfect for small businesses that download more data than they send out. With data speeds up to 24Mbps, you can download videos, connect to the corporate LAN and provide email for all your employees.

Included Features

A full suite of business features at an affordable price point.

Add-On Features & Services

  • Professional installation
  • WIFI enablement
  • One Static IP upon request
  • Additional email addresses
  • Additional email storage
  • Additional Public IP addresses

The Benefits of BirchNet Broadband

Cost Effective Solution

Cost Effective

Starting at only $39.95 a month, BirchNet Broadband is the most cost-effective Internet connection available.

Easy Setup & Maintenance

Easy Setup & Maintenance

BirchNet Broadband can be self-installed but installation is available at no charge. It's an always-on solution that requires little maintenance.

The Birch Digital Network

Birch is a leading technology service provider of IP-based communications, with an industry-leading digital network offering all customers a reliable and secure connection into the Internet.

Available Network Speeds

Pay for only what you need.

Not all Internet speeds may be available. Speed availability is dependent upon state and address qualification. Upload and download speeds will vary. Maximum speeds are listed.

BirchNet Broadband uses DSL technologies so the Internet connection is asymmetric (or asynchronous), meaning that content is downloaded at a different rate than it is uploaded. For example, BirchNet Broadband starts at up to 3.0 Megabits Per Second download speed and uploads at up to 512 Kilobits Per Second.


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