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What is MPLS?


MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) allows you to connect all of your business locations and operate as one enterprise across one network. By utilizing our BirchLink Internet high-speed, enterprise-grade network, you’ll have a more efficient, cost-effective virtual private network for all your locations.

BirchLink offers connection speeds from 1.5Mbps to 1Gbps, creating your own private, high-speed WAN to transmit all voice and data between locations with the Quality of Service (QoS) standard you need and an automatic failover that ensures that if one location goes down, all other locations can continue to operate without interruption.


How It Works

Quality of Service (QoS) Prioritization

Business Efficiency



Quality of Service (QoS) Prioritization


With Birch MPLS, your voice traffic is prioritized over the Internet and other applications, ensuring clearer and crisper voice quality. You also have the option to prioritize all other traffic by its importance.


Rules can be established to pass traffic over non-congested connections to prevent packet transmission issues. The MPLS network can find the quickest path and deliver packets in the most efficient manner even if it’s not the most direct path.


Business Efficiency


Traditional methods of creating a private network, like Point-to-Point, require having a physical connection between each location. With Birch MPLS, each location needs only one Internet connection, with your main location set up as a centralized network hub.

All voice and data traffic passes through this main location, reducing the number of servers, firewalls and PBX’s required to operate your business. The fewer systems you have to purchase, manage and maintain, the more you save.



With all locations connected on Birch MPLS, your voice and Internet traffic can be rerouted so that an outage at one location won’t impact all other locations within the network.

This failover ensures that internal and external communications are never fully down. In addition, the “one-to-many” network allows you to control which locations communicate with other locations within the network.



Your Birch MPLS network is completely private and inaccessible from outside of your network. All data is transmitted between sites using advanced encryption and authentication measures. And since voice and data traffic is centralized through your main location, you now manage security more efficiently from only one site.

The Benefits of Choosing MPLS

Five (5) Classes of Service Queues

Birch MPLS includes five (5) Classes of Service queues to support your voice, data and almost any business application across a single circuit. The highest priority queues support standard voice traffic and Birch can map a specific application to a particular queue using an IP address, port number, or file/application type.

Prioritization can be customized, with standard traffic prioritization setup as the following:


Cost Effective

Starting at only $39.95 a month, BirchNet Broadband is the most cost-effective Internet connection available.

Nationwide Availability

Birch offers MPLS service anywhere within the contiguous 48 states, providing a service reach that allows you to establish your entire network under one service provider.  


Easy Setup& Maintenance

BirchNet Broadband can be self-installed but installation is available at no charge. It's an always-on solution that requires little maintenance.

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