Are you paying too much for your business phone lines?

BirchNet business phone services are designed around the way you do business. Never pay for more than you need.

  4 Reasons Why BirchNet is a Smart Business Decision


Free Local Toll Calling

Local toll calls fall between local calling and long distance just across town where you conduct business. Many carriers charge up to 20¢ a minute. With our Essentials and Basic Plans these calls are included.

BirchNet Business Phone Plans

BirchNet Service Features BirchNet Essentials BirchNet Essentials BirchNet Essentials
All the features your business needs to run smoothly and efficiently. Everything you'd expect with a standard phone line. Perfect for just an alarm line, elevator line or fax machine.
Prices Starting at (per line, per month) $39.95 $35.95 $33.95
Long Distance Calling 1,500 Minutes $ $
Unlimited Local Calling
Unlimited Local Toll Calling  
Call Hunting  
Deluxe Caller ID  
Deluxe Call Waiting  
3-way Calling    
Call Return    
Repeat Dialing    
Call Tracing    
Deluxe Call Forwarding    
Preferred Call Forwarding    
Speed Calling 30    
Call Blocking    
Call Selector    
Distinctive Ring    
Add Ons
Toll-Free Service $ $ $
Voicemail $ $ $
Unified Messaging $ $ $
Inside Wire Protection $ $ $
✓ = Feature included in plan.
$ = Feature available for an additional charge.

Combine Voice & Data for Added Benefits

We have a range of data options from T1 and DSL to fiber and Ethernet over Copper.

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Combine Voice and Data for Added Benefits

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