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All the Features Your Business Needs to Run Efficiently

Birch offers plans to suit your budget and needs, from alarm lines to full featured lines.

Calling Features

+ 3-Way Calling

Allows you to put one caller on hold, dial another caller's number, then link all three calls together.

+ Call Blocking

Allows you to reject calls from selected incoming numbers by creating a call screening list. Callers who are on the list hear an announcement and the call is terminated.

+ Call Forwarding

Enables you to have incoming calls forwarded to a different telephone number within or outside the local calling area.

+ Call Hunting

If your business has more than one line, Call Hunting automatically transfers inbound calls from a busy line to the next number available to handle the call.

+ Call Return

Enables you to call the last call received, whether or not the call was answered or the number is known.

+ Call Selector

Provides a distinctive ringing pattern (short, long, short), for up to six specific numbers on a screening list.

+ Call Tracing

Enables you to initiate an automatic trace of the last call received.

+ Deluxe Call Waiting

Notifies callers of an incoming call so they can place the first call on Hold while answering the second call. Also available with Call Forwarding/Don’t Answer.

+ Deluxe Caller ID

Name and number delivery with Anonymous Call Rejection and Call Waiting Caller ID.

+ Distinctive Ring

Enables two or three phone numbers to share one line. A unique ringing pattern is provided for each number.

+ Long Distance Minutes

Pooled across all of your business lines.

+ Preferred Call Forward

Allows you to transfer up to six phone numbers on a screening list to another number.

+ Repeat Dialing

Automatically redials the last number attempted.

+ Speed Calling 30

Allows two-digit dialing to reach frequently called numbers (local or long distance).

+ Unlimited Local Calling

With Birch, get free local calling.

+ Unlimited Local Toll Calling

Other phone companies charge high per minute rates for Local Toll calls. With Birch, they're free. Sometimes referred to as regional toll, shorter distance or local long distance, Local Toll calls are further than local calls but shorter than long distance calls. They may be in your area code or in a different one - across town or in the next county.

Add-on Services


Easily manage your messages and customized greetings. 
Birch's easy-to-use phone interface gives you maximum flexibility to manage your messages and customize personal greetings.

+ Greeting – Extended Absence

Set a greeting for when you’re out of the office for an extended period. You can also set a greeting to block messages from voicemail during your absence.

+ Greeting – Group Mailbox

Allows you to play the same message across all your mailboxes, followed by the individual mailboxes customizable greeting.

+ Greeting – Personalized

A fully recorded greeting from your PC or handset.

+ Mailbox Extensions

A low monthly charge and no additional equipment required. Your extensions can connect and direct callers to leave messages with different departments or persons. Set up multiple extensions with unique security passwords, greetings and customizable settings.

• Choose from 1 to 4 mailbox extensions per line
• Easy-touch navigation with voice prompts
• Remote and *98 access

+ Online Web Management

Manage your customized greeting, extension mailboxes and more online.

+ System Greeting

Plays the normal system greeting with no identifying information.

+ System Greeting with Name

Plays the normal system greeting with your personalized, recorded name.

+ System Greeting with Number

Plays the normal system greeting with your full telephone number.

Inside Wire Protection

Prevent inside wiring problems before they happen.
A simple wiring problem could adversely affect your bottom line. With Birch's Inside Wire Protection, the diagnosis and repair of inside wiring and jacks is performed free versus the hourly expense of a technician.

+ Inside Wiring

If something goes wrong with your inside wiring or jacks, you’re normally responsible for the repairs yourself. With Birch Inside Wire Protection, you’re fully covered.

+ Telephone Equipment 

Inside Wire Protection does not cover replacement or repairs to your telephone equipment and is not available with PBX.


Unified Messaging

Provide flexible communications solutions for your customers.
Birch's Unified Messaging with Digital Voicemail means your customers' email inbox is transformed into a total communications center. They can manage their voicemails and faxes the same way they manage their email messages – they can listen, view, store and forward anywhere, anytime.

+ Auto-Play Voicemail

This setting automatically plays your new voicemail, rather than taking you through the main menu options.

+ Caller Transfer

Forward callers to another number rather than have them leave a voicemail. Ideal for businesses with receptionists or front desks.

+ Email Alert

Voicemail and fax messages are forwarded to your current email account.

+ Fast Log In

Allows faster access to your messages when calling from your mail telephone number without requiring you to enter your full telephone number.

+ Forwarding Voicemails

Allows you to forward voicemails to another Birch Digital Voicemail subscriber or email them to anyone as a .wav file attachment.

+ Mailbox extensions

Your extensions can connect and direct callers to leave messages with different departments or persons. Set up multiple extensions with unique security passwords, greetings and customizable settings.

+ Online Message Management

Listen to your messages and view faxes online. Quickly set up and change your active greeting, forward your messages and more.

+ Skip PIN

Accessing your mailbox from your own phone doesn’t require entering your PIN but if you want the added security of a PIN, you control whether or not this function is enabled.

+ Voicemail Auto-Forwarding 

Automatically forward voicemail recordings to any email address as .wav file attachments. Listen to your voicemails using any standard PC audio player.

+ Voicemail to Email

Manage your voicemail just like your email.

Toll Free Service

Give your customers and suppliers a convenient, no-cost way to reach you from anywhere in the United States.

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