Get rock solid communications and
access from any job site.

In the construction industry, multiple jobsites can make it hard for you to share resources, collaborate and manage projects. To combat these difficulties, nearly 60 percent of construction companies are currently using cloud computing solutions to keep projects moving forward with real-time updates.


Track your field employees to reduce mileage, lower fuel and insurance costs and improve safety.

Protecting vital business information is a major concern when adopting cloud-based solutions. With Birch cloud services, critical files are securely stored in our data centers that have met the industry's most stringent requirements and can be accessed from any internet connection.

You can easily connect project managers with general contractors and employees across jobsites and keep your workforce up-to-date with OSHA requirements, training documents and projects reports. 61 percent of construction companies that have adopted the Cloud have seen improved workflow efficiency by using cloud services to streamline the bid process, record and track daily field reports and update clients throughout every step of the project.

Mobile phones are an important tool for keeping in touch with your mobile workforce. Since projects often span across multiple locations, 83 percent of contractors use smartphones on jobsites to collect data on the site and keep connected. Our advanced business phone system and affordable, unlimited mobile plans help you stay in contact with your employees and clients. Birch's cloud and communications solutions, plus our extended network provide secure, reliable, connectivity which save you valuable time, money and resources.