Invest in a technology solution that
improves operational efficiency

Banking and financial institutions are constantly being asked to improve operational efficiency and meet demanding regulatory requirements. However, while 71 percent of financial companies consider compliance regulations as a reason to keep data stored on-site, keeping servers on premise can be costly and time consuming. With Birch’s cloud solutions your technology needs are taken care of, allowing you to stay ahead of your competition, improve customer satisfaction and grow revenues.


Expect reliable, secure access to business-critical files from anywhere, at any time.

Save money and time by keeping your vital documents secure in Birch’s data centers that have met the industry’s most stringent privacy, security and compliance regulations. Data confidentiality is a top concern for 60 percent of financial institutions considering cloud computing, which is why our data centers are monitored by an award-winning team of experts who are dedicated to keeping your important files safe and confidential 24/7. You can access important company information from any internet connection and even on the go with our affordable, unlimited mobile plans.

Birch's communications solutions optimize the performance of your IT infrastructure with an advanced business phone system and compliance ready cloud computing. Our extended network provides secure, reliable connectivity from your keyboard to the Cloud, saving you valuable time, money and resources.