Improve patient care with access to health records
and regulatory compliance.

Keeping patient records confidential is one of the primary challenges of healthcare providers, especially when you're required to give patients access to their own health records. Problems (and litigations) have occurred when a physician's laptop was stolen or when confidential information fell into the hands of someone other than the patient, which is why 61 percent of healthcare related companies are hesitant to adopt cloud computing. With Birch’s cloud solutions your vital records are kept safe in our data centers that are monitored by an award-winning team of experts 24/7.


Protect patient information with the industry’s highest security standards.

Every office, hospital or clinic needs a secure way to store and carefully distribute information, while simultaneously making that information available to the patient or his or her providers. Managing past and current records in addition to performing everyday administrative functions can often be time consuming and take away from time caring for patients. Because of this, 73 percent of healthcare companies use cloud computing to alleviate the challenges associated with appointment booking and patient record maintenance and 38 percent utilize cloud computing for health information exchange. With Birch's cloud computing services and secure HIPPA ready data centers, you can keep vital patient records protected and cut down on inefficient and insecure paperwork.

By partnering with a technology provider who can offer a dedicated network, sufficient bandwidth, secure cloud storage for business and reliable, enterprise phones, your practice can meet even the most stringent healthcare requirements.