Ensure client confidentiality and regulatory
compliance with Birch solutions.

The American Bar Association and state ethics commissions have determined that attorneys must make reasonable efforts to protect confidential data from unauthorized access. One sure way to ensure that data is secure is by finding a single source cloud service provider with a dedicated network. With Birch’s cloud computing services, critical files can be fully backed up in our secure data centers that have met the industry’s most stringent privacy, security, and compliance regulations.

Affordable, customized enterprise solutions for law firms- large and small.


Keeping client data securely backed up is a major concern in the legal industry and 78% of legal professionals use disk-to-disk technology for data backup and recovery, but your client files, court records and the applications you use are actually more secure in our data center than on an on-premise server or other forms of storage. Our data centers are managed by an award-winning team of experts who are dedicated to keeping your data safe and confidential 24/7 and you can access important case records or other company information from any internet connection and even on the go.

Shopping for a technology solution that is right for your law firm isn’t a simple task. With Birch’s reliable, secure and cost-effective technology services, you will have constant availability to clients and reliable access to critical data from the office or on the way to the courtroom.