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Birch helps alleviate the burdens of expansion by providing cost-effective cloud solutions that work across your various locations.

Birch’s cloud solutions equip your business with a secure and reliable connection, allowing new locations to stay in touch with existing ones. Mobile, email and phone solutions keep offices on the same page and help employees share critical information easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

If your primary site ever goes down, our data centers provide backup and reroute internet traffic for all locations through another site, so that critical operations never stop running.

Birch also helps you make business-critical information available from anywhere to maintain control as your business grows. 

By keeping data and applications accessible across locations, you can reduce confusion, reserve resources and equip every new employee with the information they need to succeed.

Additionally, our pay-per-use plan means you don’t have to invest in expensive equipment and software up front. Simply purchase new tools as you go and stop paying for them when you no longer need them. You’ll reduce the overhead costs associated with a new location and alleviate growing pains so you can keep moving forward.

The more you expand your business, the more consistency matters. Birch can meet every need at every location, for one low price per month.

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