Businesses with up to 100 employees have more complex business needs. Like keeping multiple locations or remote workers connected securely to the same data and simplifying shared communications.


Birch’s MPLS securely connects branch offices, customers, remote employees and suppliers nationally. MPLS is a carrier-grade network that supports all mission-critical voice and data traffic requiring real-time delivery. It provides custom VLAN solutions with Quality of Service, redundancy and low latency. Data is encrypted and authenticated for improved security.

Remote Workers
Paying for your office phone system, secure data service and mobile service individually adds up. Growing your business is enough to keep you busy. Imagine having an affordable, end-to-end communications solution that lets you focus on your customers instead of managing your technology.


Hosted Microsoft® Exchange
An enterprise-grade email solution with 25GB storage (upgradeable to unlimited storage). It includes a free copy
of Microsoft Outlook, access to email from a web browser, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection, Mobile Synchronization and shared Contacts, Resources and Calendar.